Kadma in Merkaz Shapira

קדמא נדל"ן לוגו

A high-quality residential project currently being planned on the outskirts of the Ishuv Merkaz Shapira.

65 spacious apartments with meticulous planning, rich and high-quality specifications. Out of the 65 offered apartments, only 13 are for sale on the open market.

The project offers large and luxurious apartments for sale –from apartments with garden, dúplex and penthouses.

Each apartment has a sukkah balcony and parking.

more about the project:

Merkaz Shapira is a national-religious Ishuv in the Shfela region, close to major cities in the area. It is the central Ishuv in the area, housing service centers for all nearby Ishuvim.


The Ishuv has a high-quality religious population. The community rabbi is Rabbi Chaim Druckman.

The Ishuv has educational institutions for all ages, from schools and ulpanas to preparatory programs and yeshivas, along with numerous resident services. Kadma’s prestigious project is located in the second expansion of the Ishuv and has extremely high demand.