Ramat Gan – HaRav Levin Street

קדמא נדל"ן לוגו

TAMA 38 – reinforcing an existing building in conjunction with a value-based group.


Four-story building with 16 existing apartments. The project upgrades the building by another 2.5 floors, which represent another 12 apartments added to the building.

more about the projets:

4-room, 5-room and penthouses.

The project is in between the Ramat Amidar and Marom Naveh neighborhoods.

Our Message:

a very quiet street! In the midst of renewal and about to become one of the most attractive streets in the area!

 A chance for high-quality apartments, private parking and a quality of life you only get in these new projects.


The quality of the building, the refreshed neighborhood and Kedma’s reasonable prices are attracting those who want to upgrade their living standards as well as young couples from within the city and without.

Architect: Ofer Segal

Entry: end of 2020.